Hospital Malpractice By an Orlando Hospital Needs To Stop.  Are They Too Busy To Care?

Hospital Malpractice By an Orlando Hospital Needs To Stop. Are They Too Busy To Care?

Daniel at his new PT (Physical Therapy) location.  He is trying to jump through rungs of a ladder.

Apparently he is also a good soccer player for a kid with CP- he stops the ball with his foot but falls over as he struggles with balance, but he’s a great sport and gets back up and tries to give a thumbs up with his cute but spastic fingers to indicate that he’s fine, then he kicks the ball through the goal as hard as he can.

The hospital system where Daniel was born has so many parents filing complaints against them.  Maybe that’s why they didn’t even know that Daniel has been getting ‘professional’ therapies since he was 13 months old.  I feel for the other parents, one who went home with her limbs amputated after giving birth from contracting a bacteria that would kill her if they didn’t amputate.  I think moms are getting fed up with the dangers of hospital births as I have seen more and more information streaming through cyber space on better options than pitocin and epidurals.   Giving birth is indeed dangerous, but then adding to it by having a brand new nurse fresh out of training, assigned to a reckless doctor (who’s history this hospital new about) is certainly not the answer as in Daniel’s case.   This has been a difficult journey and 5 years into it, I can say that:

Daniel is an incredible, handsome (Just ask the receptionist at All in Physical Therapy), gorgeous, smart, loving and lively miracle who is guarded and loved with all of our hearts.
We are blessed.
We are lucky.
We are loved.
Life can be brutal when you have to face corporate coldness and indifference.

To all those parents who ‘trusted’ the hospital- you did not do anything wrong.

Just keep sharing so our daughters will one day be safer and our grandchildren unharmed as many women are coming full circle in what it means to give birth.




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