When it comes to Cerebral Palsy Can Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Be Covered Under Insurance As A Therapy?

When it comes to Cerebral Palsy Can Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Be Covered Under Insurance As A Therapy?

How many 4 year-old’s do you know who have to have a ‘spot’ of their favorite ice-cream after dinner? I don’t know, maybe their are plenty of them but most evenings after dinner Daniel says “Momma?  I want mint”  in the cutest way he can – which is really super cute.  When Daniel discovers a thing or a routine that he likes, he doesn’t forget it.  He is referring to this delicious quality treat.

If I am going to buy cow’s milk for my family, it has to be in ice-cream form and it has to be Tillamook.  I know, I sound like a commercial.  I am just fed up with other brands that fluff their ice-cream up with air and corn-syrup.

Plus Tillamook ice-cream comes from cows that are well-taken care of and not fed artificial growth hormones.  I want the real deal and Daniel also loves their cheese, so I DON’T buy it often since he asks for slices of it all day and I know that isn’t as healthy as other forms of calcium and protein.

So we kind of stumbled upon this sweet tradition with Tillamook after dinner.  I bought these little stainless steel ramekins from Costco…

I’m sure there are some cuter ones and ceramic would probably be less cold to handle since stainless steel quickly gets cold and wet on the outside but these cute little cups hold just enough ice-cream to say that you got some and to savor little bites.  Also, if I pack the container and the 2-3 tablespoons of ice-cream are bulging up out of it like an ice-cream cone, the kids actually perceive that they are getting a lot!  It’s a cool little trick of mine.  This way, I am teaching them moderation in the SAD (Standard American Diet) and helping them learn how to stay healthy.

So now we have gotten used to eating little bitsy spoonfuls of ice-cream.

It must not be that great of a thing because when my sister was visiting and saw me feeding Daniel tiny bites of ice-cream (that only perched on the tip of the spoon) during a family party, I noticed that when Daniel came around to her, she quietly, yet with gusto, got a huge spoonful of ice-cream and filled his mouth full of it with an “Auntie is gonna take care of your needs” look on her face.  Later I acknowledged her smoothly executed show of care for making sure Daniel had a very happy childhood with memories of big mouthfuls of ice-cream from his Aunt.  And I truly mean that, happy childhood makes for a happy adulthood in my opinion and family is key to that!  Thank goodness for family.

Speaking of which, here is what Brian and I support and believe about the purpose of the family and this belief has had a great impact on who we strive to be to each other and as parents:

The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Yes, I am LDS, some people call us ‘Mormons’ but that is just a nickname- We are Latter-Day Saints because the name of the church is: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and it is the greatest church on the face of the earth. It’s True.

  I made a choice in my 20′s to live as a member of the LDS church, although living it is always a work in progress and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made.

I am getting ready to author a post that will hopefully help dispel the ignorance often shown by people, young and old when they meet someone with Cerebral Palsy.  I don’t mean ignorant in an insulting way, I mean it in the literal sense, as in without awareness, comprehension, or understanding.

Also, here is a great book that you could read to someone you love to prepare them for when they meet someone different from what they have been taught is ‘normal’ so they can have an open mind when they do: In Jessie’s Shoes

I hate to admit that I’m vulnerable but I was practically sobbing by the time I got to the 2nd page of that book… it was embarrassing, nothing I could do but try to keep reading it through blurry eyes and hope that my daughter didn’t notice.  Try to read it to your child without shedding a tear… Brian even choked up when he read it to our 11 year-old… maybe it’s just parents that do this.

Here is a song that speaks to me lately, especially when it’s playing on my Bose:

Listen to

What music lends voice to your days?  Share it here.


  1. Zev Gershon says:

    The more I read your blog the more I am in awe of the amazing parent you are. You really have a full grasp on what it means to be an attentive, loving, fun yet responsible mother. The most obvious latest example is your brilliance in the small spoon filled ice cream treats.

    There are so many parents in this world that can learn so much. Whether they have children with CP or not your actions really are what to learn from in how to raise your children.

    In regard to your upcoming (I haven’t seen it yet..) post on how to approach people that have CP the most important lessons I think it to educate them about CP. I have whole section of “What is Cerebral Palsy” on my website (http://www.cerebralpalsylawdoctor.com/cerebral-palsy/).

    If anyone finds them-self in a similar situation in terms of medical malpractice, please feel free to contact me.

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